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Retail Customers


Having your vehicle damaged in a Hail Storm is a very traumatic experience. Getting estimates from the Insurance Company, having to deal with adjuster, and then you have to find a trustworthy shop to get your vehicle repaired and just hope everything turns out ok. Then your car is in the shop for five to ten days.

That’s where we can help! The Dent Man can estimate your vehicle in about 15-20 minutes. Then we schedule your vehicle for repair and depending upon the severity of damage, we can repair your vehicle within 24 hours of start time, making your traumatic experience a pleasant one.




Auto Dealerships


We will walk you through this process it can be a bit very over whelming at first but don’t worry you’ve made the right call we will help work with your insurance adjuster, help them properly inspect your cars, get every dollar your dealership is entitled to and best of all we will help we provide the best technicians in the industry and Quality is our #1 objective!


Car hail damage is both costly and time consuming to repair. The Dent Man team of Hail Damage repair experts delivers high-quality PDR in a timely, professional manner, getting dealers back to the business of selling cars.




Body Shops


Things to Consider When Choosing a Paintless Dent Removal Provider

Do They Inflate Estimates Or Defraud Customers Or Insurance Companies?

It happens every day. Pay careful attention to this issue. The Dent Man has established estimating procedures so customers and the insurance companies handling their claims receive quality work at a fair price.