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We will walk you through this process it can be a bit very over whelming at first but don’t worry you’ve made the right call we will help work with your insurance adjuster, help them properly inspect your cars, get every dollar your dealership is entitled to and best of all we will help we provide the best technicians in the industry and Quality is our #1 objective!


Car hail damage is both costly and time consuming to repair. The Dent Man team of Hail Damage repair experts delivers high-quality PDR in a timely, professional manner, getting dealers back to the business of selling cars.


The Dent Man has the resources to adequately staff repairs, even in the face of substantial damage to inventory and customer vehicles.

Nobody repairs hail damage better than The Dent Man.


How It Works:


  • When hail happens, The Dent Man provides the dealership with immediate auto repair service for delivery units and customer vehicles. The Dent Man hail team can be on-site within 24 to 48 hours to assess, estimate and begin repairs.
  • We will inspect every car with your insurance company making sure you get every dollar that your dealership is entitled to!
  • The Dent Man can assist the dealer in setting up a claims center on-site, generating additional profit opportunities by repairing customer vehicles.
  • The Dent Man national call center directs customers to participating dealerships.


Benefits To The Dealer:


  • PDR expert, The Dent Man is very experienced vendor for repairing hail-damaged vehicles. This ensures a high quality PDR regardless of make or model.
  • Quick turnaround on damaged vehicles gets them ready to sell quickly. Less downtime means increased profit potential.
  • Customers appreciate quick, highest quality repairs to their vehicles.
  • As a participating dealer, our call center directs customers to your location for hail damage repairs.


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